2 thoughts on “Curators Corner”

  1. Thanks Name for sharing this valuable piece of information about the “Bimaran casket”.There is a lot to be gained from reading history.The recent visit of Imran Khan, the cricketer, to Sri Lanka, and his invitation to the PM to visit sites in Gandhara is related to it’s Buddhist heritage before the partitioning of India.
    History reveals that the spread of Buddhism beyond Ghandhara to the West faded while it spread further in the East.
    John Moscos,during his travels throughout the orthodox christian Middle East in 570 AD,describes in his book,” the spiritual meadow” the interchange of views on religion that was taking place in Persia, before the decline of Buddhism in the 7th century AD in Gandhara, perhaps because Zoroasterism was fairly well entrenched in Persia by then.?
    What is really interesting is this earliest documented engraving of Gautama Buddha in comparison to much later depictions, especially of the “Ushnisha” and in the company of Brahma and Indra.!
    Unfortunately, all this information is locked away in the British museum away from those who should really know.


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