22 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Nihal!

  1. Dear Nihal
    Happy birthday & all the best wishes for the day
    Hope you will have good health for many more years
    Ranjit A


  2. Dear Nihal,
    All the very best wishes for good health and contentment on this your birthday and in the years to come. It was good to renew contact with you at the last mini RU. I remember traveling together in the same van from Nugegoda to Mt. Lavinia.
    May God bless you,
    Nirmali, Nali and Narme


    • Thanks Narme
      Enjoyed ‘catching up’ and reminiscing about the ‘good old days’ during RU 2019. Let’s hope we get to do it again soon once we get the Pandemic behind us



  3. happy bday nihal heres wishing you the best in health and contentment,glad you are keeping healthy with your ongoing tennis game,love and best wishes paul


  4. Hello Gompa,
    This note is to wish you a very Happy Birthday & & many more happy Birthdays to come. Have a good healthy life, Great Health & good times with your family and All Loved ones.

    WIMAL Fernando. [ L.W.S. ]


  5. Dear Anibal
    Wish you many happy returns of the day 🎊🎂🥂 and may you be blessed abundantly with good health happiness and longevity
    Praxy and Ranjit


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