So you think you are not deaf?

Hi all,Most people (of my vintage) don’t/can’t accept that we might be going deaf. Most wives think their husbands are going deaf but refuse to accept it leading to many domestic ‘situations’. Here is a tool to settle the matter once and for all.

C.J Abirahas Dostara Mahattaya

6 thoughts on “So you think you are not deaf?”

  1. Thanks CJ and Sam for posting this. Very valuable information. I could not hear beyond 8200. I do wear hearing aids. I tried with and without the hearing aids.

    The modern day hearing aids with blue tooth capability are wonderful.



  2. Dear CJ and Sam
    This is a fantastic test . I am happy to say that I could hear up to 7900 which is not bad fur my age 🙂🙂


  3. Thanks CJ for alerting us to this important issue in life.
    I was able to hear upto 8800 which I think is not too bad for my age !


  4. Dear CJ
    Could hear upto 8800
    Since I am 50+ it’s not good
    At Bloemfontein we used to call some ( he is a deaf bugger/)
    Not for ear problems.


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