Winter @ 8300, Downers Grove. Illinois. (Chicago area)

Hello Everybody,

This again was my COVID and Retirement project. This is mainly for those who have the misfortune of not having snow and ice every year!Snow and ice are beautiful especially if you do not have to travel. I recommend retirement. I am hoping this distracts you from your worries.If you like to waste  5-10 minutes of your time, click on the link below.If you click on each picture you will see an enlarged version and some notes.Let me know if you have any problems seeing the images.


6 thoughts on “Winter”

  1. Nice photos Dharma even though we get plenty of snow every year it is not as bad as yours. The last really heavy fall was about 4 years ago when Ranjit wrote off my car hitting a wall trying to avoid hitting the car in front as it skidded off the road . This year it has not been that bad except fur a bad fall two weeks ago . Yes as you said I too love the snow when I don’t have to drive and luckily fur Ranjit most clinics are done on Zoom and he has not had to drive much🙂


  2. Thanks Dharma for your post from Downers without the apostrophe.!!.Where we live at sea level, it never snows but it is just two hours awy to the snow fields.!I would very much like the snow,for the view from inside your warm home.! You can now look forward to summer as it is autumn already.Deepthie has some interesting snow shots of the snowy owls and the fox.Keep safe and well as we all look forward to life without fear of the virus.But, we had a few scares 48 hours ago, a bed jolting earthquake and a tsunami alert to all of us in the North of the north island,from the 8.1 quake in the Kermadec islands, 1000 km away.Fortuntely,it only resulted in minor swells afte evacuation to higher ground and a 4 hour wait.!Back to normal now.Eddie.


  3. HI Dharma ,
    Life and Times of Winter @ Downers –!
    Great pics from some one who watches birds from a warm and comfy sofa , through double glazed windows and a nice big zoom gizmo !!
    You sent this link to me a few days ago, and I fwd it to one of my ‘birdie pals’ who has a bird feeder and is enjoying it all like you , from the comfy of a warm home , through the window glass .

    Yes- Eddie — I was worried about you folks in N Island y’day, and I was relieved to know that all is good now .
    Iam going to send both of you some real neat pics I took the other day — on a bitterly cold, cold day .
    It was worth the frozen fingers and toes .
    If any one is interested – look up the Web Page of Midland Penetanguishene Field Naturalist Club page – and go on ‘ gallery ‘ for some of my photos of Wild Life of SL and ‘ Deepthie’s Blog ‘ for LIfe and Times around where I live .
    So far- No Covid Crap , though we are always on one form or other of a ‘lock down ‘ .
    Good thing that Birds and Foxes and Wolves are NOT on Lock Down and pass my way regularly !

    Keep Well My Dear Class of 64 !- till we Meet Again !

    In a nutshell — Winter – mild out here, warming up next week . Feb came and went , and I did not even feel it !
    Praxy – Time for a new car – and good thing Ranjith is ok and now whiplash . Hitting a wall is not a good thing .
    New Home, New Car — All Good things for Good People !


  4. Thanks for the pictures Dharma. We do not feel bad now after seeing your pictures. We had a moderate snow fall about two weeks ago , but it is all melted and gone away. I still enjoy looking at the snow fall and admiring the beauty. As you said as long as I do not have to drive to work in it I am okay. I do not mind driving in the snow when the roads are partially cleared by the snow ploughs. .

    Sorry to hear about Ranjith accident. Cars can always be replaced. , as long as the occupants are safe.

    Yes I was thinking about our friends in New Zealand when I heard about the earth quake. Although there was a Tsunami scare and the coastal areas were evacuated, later they lifted the warnings.

    Take care everyone and be safe



  5. Dear Dharma,
    Wonderful photos to see.
    I have no personal experience & I envy you.
    We dont see snow/ice in Sylvania waters. If we want to see snow, have to open the freezer !!!
    Occasionally we get some hailstorm – Thats about it.
    I remember visiting you many years back during your Summer & I saw some scattered ice pieces floating in your lake!
    What happened to that Aeroplane used to be parked in your backyard????
    Can you keep the Pfizer vaccine in your backyard ??????
    Hope you come out of the “freezer” soon & get thawed.


  6. Hi Dharma,
    When I saw your photos I was tempted to invite you to come and live in Durham. But judging by what we had this winter you would only be jumping from the frying pan into the fire.
    As you said, its great to be retired at these times.
    Enjoy life in the frying pan.
    CJ (from the fire)


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