Dear All
Hope all of you are fine and most of you would have had the first dose of the vaccine and some the second  dose too.
This is to jet you know that we will be moving to a new house and our address from the 18th February will be
8  Cottam Drive
S43 4 WS.
Our phone numbers will remain the same..
+441246 435555
Mobile Ranjit +447802418931


10 thoughts on “Update”

  1. Good Wishes to you and Ranjith in your New Home .
    Not at all easy to make a ‘move ‘ at this stage in our lives, after living in one place for 30 + years !
    Good Luck and Good Health
    — Deepthie


  2. Dear All
    Thank you for yours good wishes .
    What started with downsizing ended up with going to a same size house.
    It all started with Tania looking for a place to set up an animal grooming parlour while living in
    in the same house ,as looking after animals is he passion. Our house was ideal as we have a big playroom downstairs . So she is moving to our house . We looked for a bungalow but those were too small to accommodate all the stuff we had accumulated during our 35 + years in this house . Anyway never thought that this house move will involve such a lot of hard work. Will get there in the end.
    Praxy and Ranjit


  3. Dear Praxy & Ranjit
    Wish you the best & God’s blessings in your new Mansion.
    May you have good health happiness and peace of mind in your new home
    Ranjit & Roshani


  4. Our Dear friends Praxy and Ranjith,

    Congratulations and Best Wishes for your housewarming
    May the new dwelling provide comforts for excellent living
    You must be extremely happy and gravid with expectations
    We wish you be blessed with good health & long lives, joyous
    Ariya an Thavamani


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