Have you read this book?

Hi Colleagues, It has been an uncertain time since the pandemic commenced in December 2019.To date, first February 2021,53 million people world wide have received a dose of a vaccine.This is out of our world population of 7 billion.Interesting times, as countries compete to get a vaccine in the hope of achieving ” herd immunity.” When?.Already,it has been noted that in Manaus which in April 2020 had a naturally acquired immunity of aroud 68% is now showing a recuurence of infections with the ” new mutations.”.These aside, I have spent most of last year reading and one of the books that I want to share with you is Yuval Harari’s 21 lessons for the 21st century.Harari, is in my view one of the leading contemporary philosophers with an astounding knowledge of history and loads of common sense.This book will make one rethink the future,because the future is already here.!!The book was published in 2018 and he did not predict the pandemic( but we all knew it was going to happen someday) , His view of what is to come is real and compelling to understand.Some of you may have already read the book, and ,if you have please share your opinion in this forum.This book is a must read for our children and especially our grand children for they are the ones who will live into the 22nd century.I firmly believe, that this book should be translated into as many languages as possible in order that at least half the 7 billion on this planet can see the future and plan for it..It is best to throw away the “unnecessary stuff” that is rammed down the throats of unfotunate students in most third world countries and read this book in order to “learn to think”, for this is what education should be.!!.He believes that the old school teaching of the 3 Rs( reading, writing and Aritmetic) is not the answer in preparing for the future .It requires, the 4 Cs( critical thinking,communication,collaboration and creativity) for survival.Hope you will enjoy the read as much as I did. Eddie.

Author: Eddie

Consultant Physician.

5 thoughts on “Have you read this book?”

  1. Thanks Eddie for drawing our attention to the book ” 21 lessons for the 21st century.”

    I have to first get a hold of the book. Piching informed me that it is available on Amazon. Unfortunately the libraries function for pick up and drop off of books , periodicals , videos etc. I shall send a note to the library to see whether the book is available. If so I can pick it up from there.

    Thanks Eddie. Please take care and be safe.



  2. Thank you Eddie for the info on the book by Yuval Harari .
    I read some of his writing from this book on google and the Four Cardinal Points he mentions — the 4 C’s has he calls it — Critical Thinking , Communication , Collaboration , Creativity –is the road to the future Beyond 2021, are great on Principle .
    As long as Greed Over Rules Need – the 4 C’s will not function .
    The current Covid -19 Vaccine Shortage Crisis throws the 4 C’s down the drain …
    .– Winner Takes it ALL !
    Food For Thought – Eaglewisdom !


  3. Thank you Nisantha and Deepthie for your comments.Yes,Deepthie, this world does not stick to rules and for this the reasons are many and the outcomes poor.!
    What this book is about, is critical thinking and preparing for the future.It will not be of much use to any of us as we are “living DODO’s”.!
    However, his thoughts are very useful for our children and grand children in preparing for a future which is changing rapidly.Already, without our knowledge we are giving away a lot pf personal information in return for free Gmail.Google, knows a lot more about us than we do of ourselves.!!
    For a start, already biometric sensors constantly stream “biometric data ” from wearable devices.Examples are blood sugar monitoring heart rhythm monitoring and BP monitoring. This data is easily incorporated into Big data algorithms with AI and voila,Google knows more about you than you do. Add Facebook and they know your moods and your likes and dislikes. By 2050, AI will be able to choose a better partner, for you, for life for you, based on algorithms based on these feedback data..! This is what it is all about.Preparing for such a future……
    Have a read and you will realise that the reality of the future is knocking on your door!.
    In a tiny step forward, New Zealand will not allow imports of petrol vehicles from 2032.!! We are inching forward BUT big data is moving faster.Look what happened in US and this is only 2021.
    NIsantha, I hope Piching and you will enjoy reading the book. Please share your thoughts after reading. Hope life will return to near normal soon and we will be able to travel to see our near and dear.Interim keep well and safe. Warm regards to all. Eddie.


    1. Hi CJ, Hope you will enjoy reading the book, taking time over it. When you have finished reading, please post your comment for all.It is good to have different perspectives on the same subject.You will know that Yuval also wrote Sapiens and Homo Deus.He sheds new light.A true philosopher of our modern age.He is a jew and the book was originally written in Hebrew.!.For per capita population, the Jews lead the score in the number of Nobel prizes.! This deserves another.!Regards. Eddie.


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