It’s Winter!

Winter is here in a big way

What a huge  contrast  few weeks  make
Our House surround turned to an ice lake
Even  to get out  one needs to use a  rake
Hot  Solar rays no more, it is a snow desert

Where did  the  scented, warm  breeze  go   
Colourful  Flowers, yellow  blue and  indigo
Humming noise of Bumble bees & butterflies  
Why Deserted me and where did they all go?


Editorial message,

We would like to thank the following faithful followers for their financial support for this blog,

Praxy, Ariya, Seelan, Ruthraj, Asoka, Abeypala, “Biga”(DRL) G, Titus, Thilaivasan, Sahadevan, CJ, Selvarajah and Esiri

Sam & Nisantha

6 thoughts on “It’s Winter!”

  1. Hi Sam and Nisantha,
    Either you or I must have missed out George Jayatilaka and Sattiyanayagam who also contributed from UK.


  2. Hi SamHow do I contribute to your fantastic website ? Please advise.Thanks Mahilal 

    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone


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