15 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Saroja!”

  1. Hello Saroja,
    This note is to wish you a very Happy Birthday, Hope you will have a great day & enjoy many more Happy Birthdays, years to come. Good luck.


  2. Many happy returns of the day Saroja. Piching joins me to wish you a very happy birthday and all the best. Enjoy the day with Kones.

    Nisantha and Piching


  3. Dear Saroja
    Happy birthday and enjoy the day with Kones, children, grandchildren and friends. Ranjini is joining me to wish both of you a happy and prosperous 2021.


  4. Dear Saroja
    If wishes had wings they will fly ✈️ to you today
    To bring our wishes ✉️✉️to you for a happy birthday.🎂🎂
    May you be blessed 🙏🙏 with health happiness and joy today
    As you let your hair down and enjoy 💃🏼💃🏼 the day 😊😊
    Praxy and Ranjit


  5. Dear Saroja,
    With love and best wishes on your birthday.
    Have a great day with Kones (winner of the ‘Best Actor’ award at the batch get together) and the family.


  6. Dear Saroja, Many Happy returns of the day. Enjoy the day with your family. Also wish you a healthy and a Very Happy 2021!


  7. Happy birthday Saroja. Wish you many more happy and healthy COVID free ones. When I was younger I just said “happy birthday,” when I got older added ” Happy and HEALThY “ones. Now I am adding “COVID free” New normal!!!!!!. Nice seeing you at the RU allowing your husband to steal the show of our skit with humor. dharma.


  8. Dear Saroja
    My CO house officer at Castle St Hospital
    Happy birthday God’s blessings All the best
    Regards to Jones
    Ranjit Aley


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