A thought for the New Year

My dear friends,
Most of us are paid many hundreds  of dollars an hour
With air conditioned comforts and hot coffee every hour
Some poor folks, battle overnight, to feed hungry mouths
To get few rupees, see the catch, three men got together

When purchasing  fruits, vegetables, or fish from a vendor,
Should  pay lavishly, those who are  blessed with, extra dollar
If that additional dime, they earn through our kindness, my dear, 
Does bring smile to a face of a kid, isn’t it worth more than a dollar? 

Meagre catch of three fisherman,  having battled  overnight in rough Indian ocean 


5 thoughts on “A thought for the New Year”

  1. Missing motherland badly!
    Yes Praxy, it is the longest break for thirty odd years
    We haven’t visited our beautiful motherland precious
    Like yourself we too are having withdrawal symptoms
    Awaiting impatiently for the turn for vaccination calls


  2. Thanks Ariya for opening my eyes.👀
    Poor fish – looking so sad !!😢
    Thinking of becoming a vegetarian👍


  3. You are right Ariya. At this stage of our lives we have to be generous. Do not bargain with vendors. Tip heavily in restaurants especially now when we order take out meals..



  4. You’re bsolutely correct, Nisantha and Seelan
    Must treat ourselves and others whenever can
    Generosity is a great virtue, makes world even
    Only a soft heart would melt, seeing others pain


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