5 thoughts on “Tech Neck”

  1. Dear CJ
    Thank you this valuable piece of information. I have been doing this all day and even now as my laptop is at Curry’s for repairs.
    It is very good fur everyone to know 🙏


  2. Thanks CJ for sharing this video. Very important information. I cannot imagine the neck problems the young kids nowadays would have when they are in their late 20’s and 30’s.

    I plan to share this information with my contacts.

    Good luck good health and prosperity to you and all your loved ones in the new year and beyond.



  3. Thanks CJ for this warning particularly for the young ones. I would like to see the opinion of our esteemed Radiologists & Rheumatologists on this subject as this clip featured a Chiropractor.



  4. You are a sceptical fellow Abey. But you are right.
    More expert opinions will make it more scientific and more ‘medical’.
    Dharma might offer an opinion as a Radiologist.
    I am not aware of any Rheumatologists in our batch.


  5. My 2 cents worth:-

    In normal people, there is some degree of lordosis ( normal curvature) in the cervical as well as in the lumbar spine.

    In few people with long neck, the normal lordosis is not seen & the spine is straight which is not unusual. These people will have normal function . This can be shown by doing “functional xrays” —
    ( lateral views of cervical spine in flexed & extended positions).

    However, a person with normal lordosis can lose the curvature by keeping the neck flexed over a long period – especially young spines .( All the ligaments are affected – esp, the anterior longitudinal, posterior longitudinal & inter spinous ligaments)

    **I will do a functional xray in neutral, flexed & extended positions before the diagnosis of “Tech Neck”.
    ** If an old xray of neck is available, comparison would be useful to eliminate the possibility of an already
    existing or congenital loss of normal lordosis.

    For treatment – can follow what the Chiropractor suggested ( without excessive manipulation!!)
    Best treatment is to avoid keeping the neck flexed for long period of time.

    Remember – the reverse can occur with people looking up all the time – eg: Desk top computers. However,youngsters are spending more time with moblie phones than Desktop computers.


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