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Merry Christmas and Happy 2021 for all my Batchmates , the Batch’64 followers and other Bloggers who enjoy this site. Today I am reporting the annual status report of the Batch’64. As you can see we have grown since its inception in 2015. As of this writing we have 107 regular followers with 22,300 views so far this year. We have had clicks from 10 countries.

Maintenance Costs

The blog is registered as a WordPress “personal premium” category at a nominal cost of $106 annually. This includes the storage capacity of up to 13 GB. Cost can go up if the storage limit is exceeded. Nisantha has kindly agreed to act as “Treasurer” for us and handle all financial matters for the blog. Please cc Nisantha with all communications in this regard. At his request I am including a PayPal payment block below for anyone who wishes to donate small $10 or more in cash contributions. For US followers “Zelle” banking app is a very convenient way to transfer cash to my bank. All you need is to use my name and Email address. Please message me using the contact tab to get more details regarding the Zelle app.

Thanks Nisantha for your help.


Subscription Help for Batch’64

Donations for the Blog maintenance


I am posting below the feedback from a “SriLankan at heart” from Germany.

Thanks Anika for your kind words. Have a Happy and Healthy New Year!


6 thoughts on “Blog Stats”

  1. I salute you, my dear Sam, our Honourable Web Master and its Creator,

    On behalf of all the mates who uses, ‘web site, batch Sixty Four’
    Like to pen down few words to thank the great guy who is its core
    For being the architect of this great idea, none else thought before
    Even more so for continuing the mammoth task, five years or more
    Ariya De Silva


  2. Dear Sam
    Many thanks for the wonderful job you are doing to keep us all connected and feel we haven’t missed each other very much since we left the faculty. It is not only a treat to read all the ‘weird and wonderful’ comments but also a great source of entertainment. Our batch is exceptionally gifted to have many multi-talented individuals and genuinely sincere friends. We appreciate all that you do for us although it may seem at times that your efforts and expertise go unnoticed.
    Wishing you and family a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2021.


  3. Thanks Sam. We wish you & your family a happy & healthy 2021.
    I am really surprised to see that there are followers from China, India, Germany & UAE as well. Looks like that some may be not Medicos ! I am sure that they will all admire at our close knit family – Batch of 64 !👍👍👍
    Thanks to Nisantha for taking over the treasurers job.
    It was very easy to contribute through PayPal


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