Brain exercises

Dear All,

From the brain teasers it is obvious that all your “ grey matter “ is in “ ship shape “ condition.This is great so in order to maintain that state I am sending you four exercises that you can do daily. Some of you may have seen them before but I am sure they will help you the second time round too. Cheers


5 thoughts on “Brain exercises”

  1. Thanks Praxy for this video. The exercises really taxes ones brain.

    No1 exercise I did okay going forwards. Going backwards I did 100 %

    No2 did okay 75 %

    No3 failed miserably

    No4 Failed miserably

    Practice practice practice that is what I need. I would imagine if one is able to do these exercises regularly would certainly improve brain function.



  2. No 1 – I think that I got 75 % only when going backwards
    No 2 & 3 – 50%
    No 4 – almost 100 % – may be because I trained my left hand to write & eat after losing my Median nerve & Ulna artery !!!
    Good exercise. Thanks Praxy


  3. Praxy,
    You are a pain in the ARM [ A- – ]!!. Thank you for the great excursuses.
    I did great on 1; 80% on going forwards & 95% going backwards. No 2. Did about 85% on this. No3 & No4 — BAD!!!. I was No ware!! Seelan could do #4 well because of his Handicap in med school with damaged median nerve . Thanks, WIMAL.


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