7 thoughts on “Vision Test”

  1. My dear Nisantha,
    You got me there, sure I am a poor reader
    90 percent eyes closed, did not get better
    Our Seelan, CJ or Praxy will get in a jiffy
    Await for a maestro to put me out of misery


  2. My dear friends,
    I think I found a maestro, not far away
    Who has bad eyes, to have picked me
    Yet the better half here thinks ‘bad eyes’
    Now give the solution to rest all four eyes


  3. This was a tough one. Took me a long time to see it finally. Have to concentrate on the dark areas to see the message: “BAD EYES”. I hope this does not spoil it for others. If so, I apologize. Hats off to the genius that created it.


    1. Cletus,
      I think it is important to add that this is not a valid technique for any vision test either. By squinting the eyes it seems to reduce the amount of reflected white light falling on the retina, thus emphasising the shadows!


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