Another brain teaser!

Dear all 
See if you can see two women. If you do see then please don’t give it away by just say that you saw them.
Cletus have a go at this One 😊😊


10 thoughts on “Another brain teaser!”

  1. Praxy,
    I see you in the obvious image. Stella Mahajoudine in the hidden image!!!. I am going to frame this ,so I can see two of my friends in one Photo!!!!. Yes Prax, I see it.



  2. Thanks Praxy. I saw the two faces. The young girl and the old lady.

    Sorry Wimal , I do not see Stella. If you did see Stella that is an insult to Stella. Stella is much prettier and does not even come close to the second image. Please look again.



  3. Dear Praxy,
    Few mates have woken up from slumber
    Responding to your quizzes with vigour
    Just to keep them awake & the blog going
    Please keep more such good ones coming


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