5 thoughts on “Longest Time”

  1. Thanks Sam. Good song.
    I just came home after working in 3 country hospitals in NSW – LONGEST DRIVE OF THE YEAR !!.

    People in the country side of New South Wales I visited, are happy as ever. Not scared of Covid !
    In-fact they haven’t seen a Covid case yet. I used a mask whenever I did a procedure, but many are not using a mask in the hospital I visited ! ( except the usual theatre, ICU, A&E etc)
    However, notices & warnings about Covid hygiene protocols are every where.

    Sorry to see that people are still dying in many other countries.
    Hope & pray that the anticipated vaccines will save us.

    Following the Covid hygiene & other protocols have helped to avoid many other common Flu. I normally get an attack of Flu now & then, but during the last 11 months, i haven’t had an attack !!!!!
    Touch Wood


  2. Nice to hear, Seelan at least one Continent
    Is healthy being spared of Covid mayhem
    Having jumped to fire from frying pan, warm
    Burning here, even our PM becoming a victim


  3. Enjoyed listening to the ” Longest Time”. Thanks Sam.

    I thought it would take the “longest time “for the world to get back to normal. I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hooray ! the vaccine is here .

    Piching and I hopefully will be able to travel again . Lots of lives young and old would be saved. People would be able to go back to work as usual and help their families and loved ones. The economy of every country would improve. Hopefully people , governments will learn a lesson from this crisis and there will be peace around the world..

    Please be safe and take care.



  4. Dear Sam
    Thanks for the song. I really enjoyed it. I hope people in countries not doing the right thing to prevent covid may change their mind by listening to this timely song. In Victoria after a long lock down period there are no new cases. Australia is very lucky.


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