Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear Sam and all our friends in 
Wishes and greetings are sent to you 
For a Happy Thanksgiving  enjoyable through and through. 
May you all be cheerful  and bright 
As you party away right into the night.
Praxy and Ranjit

4 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!”

  1. Thanks Praxy – Ranjith for the Thanksgiving Post for those in USA .
    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you out there .
    My sincere wish for ALL of you is —
    Wear A Mask – Keep the Distance – Stay Home – Be Safe – Be Well — till we ALL meet again .


  2. Thanks Praxy and Ranjith. Wish you both and other batchmates a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving.


  3. happy thanksgiving to all my mates, though it is an american holiday being thankful for all the good fortune most of us have acheived and our families in sri lanka and abroad is i beleive quite an acheivement, i beleive so and i am thankful to all our predecessors who have helped us,we are probably good care takers of what we have acheived and shall pass onto the future humanity,good tidings to all and best wishes. paul


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