9 thoughts on “More from Praxy”

    1. Ha ha Wimal now you are boasting t😊😊
      You were frustrated at not being able to find the last one that you had to call me and ask for the solution.. After I had given the solution you spoilt it for the others by telling every one how to find it. These are sent to test our aging brains. 🧠🧠🧠


  1. Hi Praxy, I did not time myself but I think I found a zero between 8 & 9 near a big purple 5, in about a minute or so. It is near the bottom. Is that the correct one Wimal? I enjoy your puzzles Praxy. Thank you.


    1. Dear Cletus
      Well done 💐💐
      Yes you are right . It was quite easy and I just couldn’t understand why my friend who sent it o me could t find it . May be she was joking.
      Praxy .
      P.S . I will send another one and you should be able to spot it in less than 5 seconds😊


  2. I did find Zero in about 15 seconds. Although I did not time myself looking for it , I guessed it would have been about 15 seconds.

    Thanks Praxy. Keep them coming.



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