12 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Ranjith!”

  1. Dear Ranjith,
    With our whole hearts we wish you the very best in health and contentment on your birthday and in the years to come. Our close friendship goes from being hostel mates at Kittiyakkara Hostel. We were sorry you could not make it for the RU.
    Best wishes to Shanthi and the children.
    God bless
    Nirmali and Narme


  2. Happy Birthday my dear Ranjith — my fellow co-ho at Ragama, and before that , one of the back row The S gp gang !
    Wish you a very Happy Birthday today and enjoy this day , as best as you can , covid during these hard covid times .
    I do recall very fondly, the two trips I made to Winterhaven , Florida , back in the day, about 20 yrs ago or more !
    Missed you and Shanthi at the last RU- ( 2019 ) .
    Lets hope we meet again .
    Good wishes and Good Health to you and Shanthie and the kids and grandkids .


  3. Many happy returns of the day Ranjith. Piching joins me to wish you good health good luck and all the best now and years to come.

    Nisantha and Piching


  4. Dear Sam
    Sent birthday wishes to Ranjit again after seeing my last one posted on the Blog.
    But this time too it dud not get posted.
    Can’t understand why


  5. My dear Ranjith,
    Belated birthday wish to my very dear friend
    Praying for good health & contentment, I send
    May all your hopes & expectations come true
    As you’re a noble gentleman through & through


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