11 thoughts on “Another brain teaser”

  1. My dear Praxy,
    Do not know if I have Alzheimer or not
    Your quizzes sure cause, my brain to rot
    With difficulty, three I managed to count
    Can I borrow few neurones to improve a bit


    1. Oh Ariya
      Three are not enough. My dementing brain found 9 and it took a long long time to find the 10th. So your poetic brain should find it easier than mine to find the balance.


  2. Dear Praxy,
    With all my powers of imagination
    Two good hours, eyes & mind straining
    Managed to count upto eight, stupid faces
    As I’ve never being good at spotting faces


  3. Dear Praxy,
    Made it to eight faces, squeezing every grey cell
    Brain is exhausted, having had the toughest drill
    So dear pal, overwhelmed brain’s becoming dull
    Needs a remedy hurriedly to get back to even keel


  4. Praxy/ Franceen,

    I saw 10 faces easily. If you stand back a little ,you can pick it easy. Thank you. This explain why I like you, with all powers of brain!!!!.

    WIMAL/ Dostara


  5. I was able to see the 10 faces but with difficulty. I like your optical illusions Praxy. Where do you find them? Please keep sending more.


  6. My dear Friends,,
    Not surprised Seelan, with radiologist’s eye
    Spotting well, as he sees, everything visible
    Though supposed be an interpretation, visual
    Why Obstetricians mostly are trying,is my riddle


  7. Thanks Praxy for the brain teaser. This is quite an old one that is recirculating. I would say at least 5 years old.

    I was able to see 10 faces then and now very easily 10 faces.



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