25 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Ranjani!”

  1. Happy Birthday to you my dear Ranjini– My Good Convent Girl Friend- along with Praxy !
    How time flies — I still recall when you first came to Holy Family Convent , back in 1954, our first day to Kynsey Rd for that dreaded Registration Day – Sept 1964, our Co Ho Internship days at Ragama Lower Quarters and I could go on and on !- even your dad my dad were at St Joseph’s college during their school days I am told !
    The final one — meeting you again, at Beruwala — for the RU 64 Gathering 2019 — you never missed a single RU 64 Gatherings we had in SL .
    I do hope we meet again my dear Ranjini .
    I wish you All the Very Best, and Good Health to you and your husband .
    Lets hope we meet again, once this covid thing is done and over with , and we are alive to tell the tale !
    Much love- your old school pal – Deepthie .


    1. Thank you so much Deepthi. We were together from d day I came to HFC 7th std
      U were a naughty one and me quiet.but we got on well till we passed out as Drs. and till now.i know that our parents knew each other.can u remember me coming to c u at Ratmalana on 1 of ur visits to Sl and Chandralatha too.hope all is well with u.and I do sincerely hope all this will pass off soon and we can have a RU.take care love Ranjani


  2. Dear Ranjani
    In the words of Vera Lynn
    Will meet again but dont know when
    Don’t know when don’t know when
    But some sunny day will meet again👨‍👨‍👧‍👧👨‍👨‍👧‍👧
    But I am sure till then as good friends👭 we will remain.

    So I wish you a happy birthday 🎂🎂dear friend of mine
    And Gods blessings 💐🙏and a great day that is divine .
    Praxy and Ranjit


  3. Many happy returns of the day Ranjani. Piching joins me to wish you good health , good luck and happiness.

    All the best.

    Nisantha and Piching


    1. Thanks Pich and Banda.I still remember u and Bap doing upper limb in Anatomy while self and Ananda did abdo.those were d days.hope we could meet again.regards Ranjani


      1. Yes I do remember . How can we forget those wonderful times. Hard work , Stress pleasure all combined.

        Take care.

        Nisantha Banda


  4. happy bday ranjini so nice to hear such happy memories from your old class mates poetic and lovely, best wishes and many more happy years ahead, paul


    1. Thanks do much Bap.i was thinking d same too.must send u a email soon.r u on wa.do send me that no too.missed u at all d RU s .how r ur grands.corona this time is bad here.we r still under lock down.my love to Rosemary. Sat is not too well. Regards. Ranjani.


    1. Thanks Narme.i do hope ur area is ok from Corona.we will b under lockdown even further.hope we will be able to meet again once this is over.Regards to both of u.Ranjani


  5. Dear Ranjani
    Many happy returns of the day. Enjoy the day with your family and friends. I hope we can meet when COVID restrictions ease.


    1. Thanks .I do sincerely hope we could meet again once this is settled. Hope ur country and area is safe.regards Ranjani


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