Another proud moment

New publication in the New England Journal of Medicine

As you may recall , we posted a very important article authored by Jeeva in prestigious NEJM last year ( attached below as well) I am proud to post his most recent research on Muscle Atrophy. This was published in NEJM in September. As septuagenarians you may find this interesting .

Thank you Jeevendra for sharing


9 thoughts on “Another proud moment

  1. Hello Jeeva,
    Iranthie joins me in congratulating you on another GREAT ACIEVEMENT!!. Personally, I am proud of you, as Your Co – HO in Internal Medicine., to see & read both articles in New England Journal. You have made ALL of us; PROUD!!. Will catch up on phone ,soon. Hello to Raji.



  2. Dear Jeevan,
    Congratulations on your continued successful research works, publications & achievements.
    Your brain is still running in top gear.


  3. Dear Jeevan,
    Congratulations on your research and achievements
    You bring pride to the batch and mother Lanka always
    Being at the top of medical research, your contributions
    So wonderful and as batch mates rejoice bragging rights


  4. Another proud moment for Jeeva. Congratulations ! It is wonderful to see that one of our batch mates A Sri Lankan contributing to the advancement of Medicine.

    Well done Jeeva. Keep up the good work . You make us proud.

    Nisantha and Piching


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