6 thoughts on “Another Brain Teaser”

  1. Thanks Praxy. This is easier than the circles. With the clue that you sent Piching and I were able to find the 16 circles.

    I can see the 7 people and the cat in this picture. It took me a little over a minute.



  2. My dear Praxy,

    It is wonderful n this lockdown times
    You’re awakening sleeping neurones
    In my case no therapy can bring them back
    But do appreciate the effort & wish you luck

    On my own without cheating in two minutes
    I managed to find six people, in funny poses
    Yet no cat as it might have gone searching lice
    May even cat, in fear of it’s life has left the house


  3. Hello Francen,
    This is the “Skipeexpert”!!!. Found the seven people [ Five adults & two young children] & Cat at upper mid right corner. So my Brain is O.K !!. Iranthie found the Seven Humans, not the Cat!!. Thanks for puzzle.


  4. I found 7 people & the cat :
    A man & a woman on top right of the picture.
    A boy at the top
    A man on the left of the VW roof ,
    Another man & a girl on the right of VW
    A lady just above the VW roof
    Cat is in the bottom right corner.


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