Dear all
Here is an Alzheimer’s quiz to  keep you occupied. This was sent to me by one of my friends
See how ma y circles you can find in this picture. If you can find them
then you are not at risk if dementia 

10 thoughts on “Quiz”

  1. Your friend must be kidding.
    Is he/she suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s?
    Please tell him/her that these are not circles & to go and see a good Psychiatrist like CJ !!!


  2. Dear All
    There are 16 circles
    Ariya found them all.
    So Seelan you are heading for dementia .☹️☹️☹️ At first I couldn’t find either then I enlarged the picture and once I found the first one I found the rest
    Here’s a clue.
    The circles are between the squares and each one is made up of several vertical lines .
    This should help you find the circles. Whoever who started it must be very intelligent .
    Good luck😊


  3. At first I could not find the circles. With Praxy’s clue I did find the 16 Circles. I did enlarge the piCture and looked at it like looking at a 3D picture. It is quite clear.. Piching found them too.

    I think there is hope for us. Well done Ariya. You did it without having any clues.

    Thanks Praxy , a good brain teaser.



  4. Great puzzle. With Praxy’s clue, I was able to see the circles. Who would think vertical lines can make a circle? Very clever. Thanks Praxy.


  5. Dear All,
    Well done to all who found the 16 circles
    , My friend who sent it to me couldn’t find them either. So it was a challenge for me, and I spent a lot of time with no success. Then one evening while watching TV I tried it again and since I couldn’t see it properly I enlarged it and lo and behold I could see the circles. When I found the first one the rest were easy.


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