Best Wishes to Ranjith!

A Tribute to Ranjith Almeida on his 75th Birthday 10-10-2019 From: Sunita, Titus and Nilantha

To a very dear friend a humble tribute
What I write about Ranjith Almeida no one can refute? A true Josephian through and through
This guy is made from special brew

75 years ago, on the 10th of October
A bonny baby was born, a charmer to remember Ranjith’s mother and father knew they were blessed With a boy like Ranjith they never had a day of stress

In 1952 this little boy entered St. Joseph’s Primary School
He made so many friends Kingsley, Lanty, Nihal & Asoka just to mention a few He made his mark not only in studies but sports especially tennis
A true white and blue Josephian through and through

To do University Entrance In 1961 I joined St. Josephs Not knowing anyone I was lost like Moses
I remember it well just like yesterday
Ranjith extended to me a hand so warm and friendly

1962 University entrance examination we all had a slight stumble It was only a little blip we mused and did not grumble
A year later with a bit more effort no such problem
1964 would you believe we were all proud medical students

5 years of serious study how very daunting
With our light hearted attitude to life it wasn’t very haunting
So many difficult exams we coped with occasional wild parties and boozing The treasure house of fabulous memories created everlasting

Best was yet to come it was 6 months at Castle Street
We had so much fun very few have gone down such a happy street
6 hard months of hard work at Colombo General Hospital made us mature The good Lord had got us ready to serve and face the future

Walking down the isle on the 26th January 1974 Roshani was a beautiful bride Parents, family & friends in All Saints Church admiring every graceful stride A girl so cute and pretty oh what a fabulous find
Ranjith was lost for words and bursting with pride

With Roshani two clever sons he raised
Rukshan and Rehan so brilliant they must be praised
Two pretty daughters in law Minoli and Evangeline with feet on the ground They live as a happy family dear God keep them united, safe and sound

To have 2 charming grandchildren, Shaaya & Ruhen, Ranjith is very blessed They go frequently on holiday I think to avoid the stress
Grandchildren are great in old age so listen to me my dear friend
They help you reach it faster too so please don’t break the trend

In his profession Ranjith reached the highest pinnacle
As a V O G his operating skill was meticulous and clinical Tall and handsome Ranjith was top of the bill
When he examines the excited ladies got more than their fill

When it comes to singing Ranjith is no sweet crooner
With the unimaginable variety of tones, the song is a goner
He has now taken up dancing and thinks dancing is in his blood It is such a shame this blood has still not reached his big feet

Ranjith never ever forgot his roots
With success,fame and wealth, he never felt too big for his boots His loving wife and family ever ready to help
In whatever he did God made sure this good man was blessed

In Ranjith you find strong religious basics
This he learned thanks to his parents and St. Joseph’s
He coped with his busy life because God was his steering wheel He has a special place for Jesus and Blessed Virgin Mary

A true friend like Ranjith you will never find You can ring him night or day he will not mind People contact Ranjith from far and wide
He is a guardian angel by your side

Dear Ranjith you have a heart of gold
God must have used a special mold
You never ever forget a dear friend
That is why so many here and abroad wish you well

On your 75th birthday Ranjith look around you
Your loving family and so many friends now surround you With smiles on their faces and laughter in the air
Raise your glasses dears for this very special gent

May God Bless and Keep You Dear Ranjith

Written by Titus Fernando

19 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Ranjith!”

  1. Dear Ale,
    From one Gynecologist to another—Wish you a very Happy Birthday, & many more Happy ones to come. You are an all rounder; humorous with Jokes [both great & censored!], great storyteller, always in the middle of the party, great surgeon & obstetrician, & most of all, a GREAT FRIEND!!. Thank you for taking care of my brother’s son when they had their baby. Wish you all the best in Life , you deserve everything.



  2. Hey my dear ‘ Alaya’ !
    Titus has said it all — but , I just want to add my ‘two cents worth ‘– on your Special Day – Your 75th Birthday– by the way you are one of the ‘young’uns’ in the class seems like !
    Med school would never would have been sooo much fun, for me , if you were not in the Class of 64 !
    Fast Fwd 50 yrs — to RU- Class of 64 gatherings we had since the first one in 1989 — would never have been sooooo much fun, if you kept your mouth shut !!- When you open it, Out Comes A Good Joke !!!!
    Even last year- at Beruwala- you were the Chief of Entertainment Staff !
    Thank you my dear Ranjith for all that you have been to all of us in the Class of 64 –
    Jokes apart– peel away that Joker Skin, and we see a wonderfully kind and gentle soul, ever ready to help in any which way you can, what ever the problem may be .
    Then– your very lovely Roshini– whose family I have known for a very , very long time , when her Giriulla Grandmother would visit her aunt, at her home in Hendala, who was our neighbor since the mid 50’s, and still living down the same street .
    You and Roshini — are truly wonderful people .
    Have a Very Happy Birthday my dear Ranjith , and enjoy this day and the days ahead with Roshi and sons and families .
    Keep Well – Be Safe- God Bless ,
    Deepthie .


  3. Happy Birthday my dear friend Ranjith.

    What Titus, Wimal and Deepthie, had written about you
    Having known fifty six years, I can second and approve
    Being tall and handsome though you do stand out anywhere
    Dear pal, it is your wonderful heart recognisable through & through

    As a batch mate and a sincere friend, you are incomparable
    As a bearer of benevolent qualIties, you are insurmountable
    As a healer brilliant & compassionate your record impassable
    As a close friend I adore your company, jovial and irrepressible

    May you have uninterrupted peace of mind and contentment
    May you have an excellent long life with good health throughout
    May you have strength to continue your jovial excellent ways
    May you have a very long spell of good life with Roshani & kids


  4. Dear Ranjit
    Wishes 📩 are sent to a very dear friend 🧍🏻
    A friend like you is difficult to find..
    So today we wish you lots of birthday 🎂 fun
    To last from morning until the day is done.🎉💐🎈🥂
    Praxy and Ranjit


  5. Dear Ranjith,
    Its my great pleasure to wish a very happy birthday to a loyal friend whose friendship has only grown stronger with time. From the jokes that kept us going in the batch and at Bloem, to the more serious blessings and good wishes sent me at times of family and personal crises, being the ‘local agent’ for medical contacts and favours for those of us living abroad when we have family members falling ill, you have been a great source of strength and inspiration Machang. Of course not forgetting your hospitality whenever we come to Sri Lanka. I am proud to have known you for so many years and to be able to call you a friend.
    I once sent you a patient with multiple complaints and having seen her you had explained ” CJ evala thiyenne ledek nevai, leda waatuwak”. She told me “Ae Dr, ehama kiwwama magey leda okkoma honda wuna”. That was your magic wand – your humour.
    With love and blessings to you and Roshani and the family,


  6. Many happy returns of the day Ranjith.

    It was nice to read the tribute Titus had written about our happy go lucky batch mate , dedicated physician and friend.

    Piching joins me to wish you all the best now and years to come.

    Nisantha and Piching


  7. Dear Ranjit,my role model.
    I wanted to call you in the morning but fading memory now enables me to send this message at midnight. Many happy returns and God’s choicest blessings on you and the family on your 76th birthday.
    Nirmali and Narme


  8. Dear Ranjit,
    Many happy returns of the day
    I am away from home in a country town called Orange doing locum work for 2 weeks.
    Interesting to read Titus’s tribute
    Seelan& Jean


  9. Dear Ranjit
    It gives me a great pleasure to wish you a very happy birthday. As I was unable to attend the RU64 reunion and when I came to Colombo after 2 yrs, you arranged a mini reunion within a short time. We had a wonderful time and I will never forget it. Titus’s tribute tells us all about everything you have achieved. Enjoy the day with your family and friends.


  10. happy bday ranjith and may you have many more years of good health and happiness,congratulations on a illustrious and happy career which many would like to emmulate,best wishes to your wife and family ,paul


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