11 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Abey!”

  1. My dear friend Abey,

    Determined & mindful,
    Righteous person
    Courageously tracking the right path
    Will reach the desired destination.

    Wish you a joyful birthday & a healthy long happy life.


  2. Dear Abey,
    Wishing you a very happy Birthday. Hope you have a grand day with Mala and the family.
    Will try and Skype later or tomorrow.
    Stay mindful.


  3. Hello Again Abey,
    Iranthie joins me in wishing you a very Happy Birthday. We think & talk about the great Vacation you gave us, with a Personal Touch in Brisbane Australia, with the coastal tour, Noosa tour, boat Toue & welcome stay at your beautiful. We will be in Phone tact with you often, & hope you will have Many More Happy Birthdays to come.


  4. A big thank you to everyone who sent greetings on my birthday. I am doing fine in my retirement. Hope to catch up with all batch mates if & when next reunion happens.Wish everyone best of health in this horrible pandemic


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