Beautiful Past

My dear Sam,
As we are going through, doom and gloom of Covid
Stuck in  dwellings, like birds  whose wings chipped
To  bring  joy back from our past glamorous reunions 
Please publish photograph below two of our beauties


8 thoughts on “Beautiful Past”

  1. Dear Ariya
    What wonderful memories of our RU.
    These are memories we treasure especially during these times when travel is restricted by Covid.


  2. Good of you to put the two smart ladies all dressed up. Remind us of the good times we had.I hope we will meet again when things calm down.


  3. Dear Ariya
    I did send a reply to your blog but it has not appeared. So I am writing again to thank you💐 fir this reminder of the great time we had.😃
    Who would have thought that two years down the line we will be under lockdown like this. Let’s hope that we will be able to meet at least once again before our departure


  4. Thank you Ariya for the photo and the kind thoughts and Sam, for the post .
    Yes- memories are all that we have left ..
    . However, last year, about this time , ( Oct 4,5 , 6) 2019- we had a very nice gathering at Beruwala Eden Resort, where for some reason, only a small number of mates attended and we had a great time.
    Anoja did a lot – organized that most fun boat trip, and the photographer for a very memorable group photo — I hope this will not be the last group photo .
    Then , we sat around on friday evening , ‘shooting the breeze’ with the most fun Class of 64 jokes !
    Saturday — was the little dance party- with Zava holding the stage, and those of us who could jump and dance did what we could – Baila and all .

    Ariya- you sure missed a treat by not attending the 2019 gathering .

    I am still very hopeful, that next year- 2021– October, we can still get together at Eden for yet another good time .
    By then, a Covid Vaccine will be available, and the world will be in a much better place than what it is now .
    We can only live in Hope !
    We HAVE to Live in Hope .
    So, my dear Mates Think Positive, Lets Get Together —- October 2021 !

    Wishing you all the very best– Keep Well , Keep Healthy , dont let Covid get you !
    Much love to ALL of Class of 64,


    1. Dear Deepthie
      It was very nice to read your reply.. yes the photo that Ariya posted brought back memories of that lovely RU.
      I am sooooo glad that we met last year and had such a wonderful time. The closeness of our friends was evident on the little “ chit chat” we had on the third floor reminiscing all the good and the bad experiences we had at Med school. Wish we could bring last October back. That was a memorable occasion.
      Yes thanks to Anoja we had a great boat trip and arranging the group photo at short notice was a valiant effort on her part . I sincerely hope that the group photo taken last year of the batch will not be the last.. Lets hope for better times and God willing and health permitting let’s be there in Eden in October 21 .


  5. Thanks Ariya, for sending this nice photo of our 64 Batch get together.
    This is small reminder of my 50th. Year of getting married with Manel in the month of October 1970′ day after completing the internship. We are having a gettogather on 24th. of Octomber in Kandy at Grand Kandian Hotel. All Batchmates are welcome.
    Indragee and Manel.


    1. Dear Indragee
      Congratulations 🥳 on your golden wedding anniversary..💐💐 wish you and Manel health joy and longevity. and a lovely celebration on the 24 th.🥂🥂.
      Praxy and Ranjit


  6. Happy 50th Anniversary to you, Indrajith and Manel !.
    Wish I could be there in Kandy to celebrate this great occasion .
    Last year, this time I was in SL – and this year, I am With All of you in Spirit ..
    Also, let me thank your brother, who did such a wonderful job on the boat ride, at Anoja and your request , on such short notice .
    Have a Good Celebration- and Keep Covid OUT of the Party !– here in Canada, in most provinces, only TEN people are allowed at any given indoor event , as Covid is making its Second Round .

    Keep Well – Keep Healthy- and Wishing you both more good years together !
    Deepthie .


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