Nice Article in today’s Sunday Island about Prof OER Abhayaratne – Ranjith Almeida

Shared by Narme

I should have guessed Narme, from your imposing stature, kind heart, unassuming personalty and the husky voice that you are related to our much loved professor. 
I too have a personal story to add. Those good old days when medicos had to not  only impress the examiners at the entrance exam but to go through the final scrutiny of the interview.
For me being a ගමේ කොල්ලා  coming to Colombo and to be dressed in a three piece suite (for the first time) was bad enough but to face the giants both physically and intellectually was a true nightmare. To my luck, bless his soul your maternal uncle Then the Dean if the faculty chaired the board. 
When the  erudite lot trying to impress each other by posing harder question the sweet gentleman addressed me as ‘now young man why you want to do medicine. As innocent as can be with beads of sweat dribbling from forehead when I looked at the face of the questioner that fatherly reassuring calmness took all my fears away and proudly said I want to be a doctor to save patients!!!
As you could imagine except your uncle, everyone was mused and was trying to drill me when he interevened and asked if I have pen friends!
Rest is history but unfortunately due to his benevolent heart you all are still  suffering having forced to put up with me.
Kind regards,

Now you know

3 thoughts on “Obituary”

    1. Narme
      Thanks for the prompt correction. The language was corrected. I thought it was odd considering (if my memory was correct) Ranjith was nabbed on the first day for ragging charges !!!


  1. Ariya’s comment on the Pre-admission interview reminds me of my luck as well.
    Prof OER started my interview. He noticed that I have quoted “House electrical wiring” as my hobby, in the form which we have to submit before the interview. He looked at Prof Mylvaganam ( Prof of physics) & said “This is your type of candidate” & asked him to take over. Prof OER made my day. I was able to answer all the questions on that topic. At the end, Prof OER asked me whether I will be able to help with some wiring in his house. YES was my answer !!!😜

    Like Ranjit Almeida getting into trouble for ragging, I vaguely remember that Narme also got into trouble with his uncle for writing some naughty script for the drama ? Block night.😂

    Prof OER was a great man for all of us. May his Soul Rest in Peace.


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