15 thoughts on “Best wishes to Ana!”

  1. Dear Ana.
    It doesn’t look as if one year has passed since I sent my wishes for your last birthday!!!!!!
    Many happy returns of the day.
    Also wish you & your family the best of health and happiness.


  2. Dear Ana
    Across the ocean🛳 these greetings 🥂are sent to you ,
    For a happy birthday 🎂with wishes that are meant and true. 💐
    Enjoy the day
    Praxy and Ranjit


  3. My dear ex- roommate,
    Locked down or not Indira will see you you to have a wonderful birthday
    It is with great joy I reminisce our beautiful time at Bloem almost everyday
    May you continue to have excellent heath, peace, joy and contentment
    For dropping upper bunk bed bugs at Bloem, plead pardon on this fine day


  4. Happy Birthday Ana !
    Covid Or Not- Have a Great Day to day .
    Indira- you can cook something good for the Good Man today as a Special Treat !!
    If Aunty was around, she would have made a real good prawn curry today , along with many other good foodies !
    Come by my place, on a day trip – should be really nice in the Fall , when the Red Maple turns real red .
    Keep well- Stay Safe .
    Much Love- eagled


  5. Dear Ana,
    Many Happy Returns of the day. Best wishes for contentment & great life for years to come. Love to Indira.


  6. Dear Ana,
    This is to wish you a very happy birthday and to remember with gratitude your genuine friendship from the first day at Bloem to this day.
    Love to Indira. Hope you are able to meet the family on this special day.


  7. Dear Ana
    Many happy returns of the day. I am sure that you had a very good time with your family and friends


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