5 thoughts on “Insanity!”

  1. Thanks Sam,
    Fascinating a dare devil astounding feat
    Grateful for sharing, to watch it is a treat
    Courage, endurance and trust, in air fleet
    If not seen wouldn’t believe thanks my mate


  2. Thanks Sam. I loved it .What skill. Reminds me of a James Bond movie. We have to consider not only on the two guys but the pilot as well. To fly the plane, a single engine plane, steady and at the correct speed is a skill by itself .

    I wonder how many times they practiced for the final shoot.



  3. Nisantha,
    No doubt there was a lot of practice involved. More importantly there is the basic physics of relative motion involved. How can they not get high impact injury? I think it is based on precise control of relative speeds of the two entities, similar to high altitude refueling of the Military jets. Interesting
    thanks for the comment, Sam


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