2 thoughts on “Is religion the opiate of the masses.?When will we ever learn.? Eddie.”

  1. I have seen this video before. Thanks Eddie for the post. Yes United Arab Emirates is a peaceful Muslim country. Been there several times.I know people , Sri Lankans who have worked there and are still working there . They all have good things to say about the UAE.

    Why can’t Sri Lanka adopt this system. It is our politicians , the crooks ,who are responsible for the divisions. That is what happens when uneducated people and thugs and crooks get into the parliament.

    Let us see what happens after tomorrow, the general elections in Sri Lanka.



  2. Thanks Nisantha for your comment.Unfortunately, your voice in the wilderness is sadly unheard.!The trouble with society in general is that it cannot be bothered to strive for changes and the result is “status quo ante”.Our age group is a dying breed who have seen and experienced it all happen since independence but have we even tried to make changes for the better?.The current younger generation do not know and cannot appreciate the futility of what has gone before, and therein lies the problem.But, hope grows eternal as we get more of the same. Keep well and keep safe. Regards. Eddie.


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