8 thoughts on “Good Advice”

  1. Thanks Ariya,
    All are facts & the advice is good.
    What to do – Sky is getting darker.
    Take full advantage of the time left –
    Chivas will do the trick.


  2. Thank you my very dear friend, Seelan
    As dark clouds encroaching my horizon
    If Chivas Regal is the only credible option
    To learn from the master,,to Sydney I’ll return


  3. Thanks Ariya.
    Seelan’s reply reminds me of our very common Sri Lankan saying ‘What to do Machang? things are like that no’ better expressed in Sinhalese as ‘Monova karannada? ohoma thamai ne’ . Maybe Seelan or Corona Dharma can give the Tamil version.
    Thanks Ariya. The contents of the message are timely.


  4. Thanks Ariya. Very good advice. Have been following most of the advice. I have even selected the senior care center that I would go to. They already have my subscription.

    As the oldest living member of our batch , I have to get ready before you younger folks.



  5. Dear Ariya
    Thank you very much f for this morbid but facts of life. The advice given is very good and I totally agree with it as well. The days months and years seem to fly very fast and we have to make most of the time we have left. Anyway we have to be happy that we have had a good time and good friends and our batch mates with who m we have had a good rapport . As for me my health is not very good with both shoulders needing replacement which I will not have anyway, and still waiting for the Facet joint injection, for which I had that test that was not heard of by many. I feel that it was a money making idea by these private health companies. Anyway let’s hope we will be able to meet once again before we reach our departure gate.


  6. Thank you Ariya. Brilliant one.Facts are stubborn.They talk of 60 yrs but we’re 75(+or-)
    But Chivas is much more mature & better Good for Seelan


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