Dharma deals with Corona!

Just for you to smile🙂. I thought you may enjoy moments(?) of my insanity. I enjoyed making it!!
“If you cannot beat it, join it ” . Enjoy it. This is my way of dealing with “Corona”

“More than one way to skin a cat” ( cat lovers, I didn’t mean it literally)!CHEERS!!!!!!!🙂 YOU have one for me!For those concerned about my well being, NO, CORONA has not made me an ALCOHOLIC! The bottles are “props”. Left over from socially distanced outdoor gathering for 5 close friends with masks (except for eating and drinking). I allow no more than 2 of thesefor myself, that too once or twice a week. Only a few brain cells remain, and I don’t wish to destroy them. However,Need some alcohol as therapy for my “Broken” heart.Thanks to  son Joel aka Joe, for the photography with Iphone

dharma A

8 thoughts on “Dharma deals with Corona!”

  1. Dear Dharma.
    Since you were not able to join us last October mini get together it is good to see you relaxing looking well. Garden looks good in the pictures. Keep safe.


  2. Dear Dharma
    You will have to pay a fine for the beer bottles not adhering to their social distancing😱😱


  3. Thanks, dear Dharma,
    Covid 19 or not, impressive to see you Dharma
    United Kingdom is United, in sharing virus Corona
    What grievous sin we’ve done of viruses.*Mahasona’?
    Let’s hope scientists find a cure, before lives be gonna


  4. Thanks again.
    This is an Ad for Corona :
    – Drink Corona & piss in the garden – garden turns green.
    – Drink Corona daily – good manure for the beard


  5. Hi Dharma,
    Any excuse to ‘put a good shot’. Nothing has changed from the good old Bloem days.
    Nice to see you in good health and spirits.
    Love and best wishes,


  6. Loved it. I love every picture. You look quite distinguished with the beard. I am of course not qualified to talk about facial hair or hair on top of ones head. Hey ! Scouts honor , you actually look good .

    Take care be safe.



  7. Dear Batch mates, Thank you for your comments and wishes.
    No, I have not become an alcoholic.
    Re Garden, What you are seeing is my neighbor’s back yard and lake. We have no fences in this sub division. So my yard appears to extend to theirs. Anyone interested my garden, let me know, can send pictures
    Re Lake, Contrary to Seelans Hypothesis, it was not by my guests contracting their detrusor muscle, It was a small pond Enlarged to increase property value. We had good weather 70-90 F with rain once or twice a week.
    Re Beard, Got sick of the old bugger in the mirror. So changed to “homeless” until i get tired the homeless guy.
    So far COVID has not reached us. Wish you and yours Safe healthy days to come
    According to our fearless leader, beer bottles need only 6 inch separation!


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