“Ariya” Flower!

Dear All
Did you know that Ariya has a flower named after him? 
It might be flowering once in 400 years but we are lucky to  have seen it in our midst since 1964.


10 thoughts on ““Ariya” Flower!”

  1. Thanks Praxy,
    ‘ Ariya flower’ isn’t a loner.isolated from the clutch
    Everyone a fragrant precious flower, in ‘64 batch
    Affection & care we’ve for each other has no match
    Hence we do swim together in the great ocean of life


  2. Dear Ariya
    Please get more details and share with all our friends – it came with a message via face book to me.
    Medical history created at Ragama Hospital
    A life-giving paediatric liver transplant
    Monday, July 27, 2020 – 01:00
    Print Edition
    Real Medical History :
    40 % of A 38 year old Jaffna motther’s liver was transplanted to the nine year old daughter as this daughter had Cirrhosis of Liver.


    1. Dear Sree,
      Article about the flower was published by Praxy and not by me.
      Yes we should all contribute in any way we can as Sam’s gift for our batch, ‘The web’ has done an immense service connecting us altogether very nicely, Of course there had been very erudite publications by clever mates, and names Simone, Seelan, Deepthie, Praxy, Ruthraj, Narme and Nisantha come to mind.
      You too had been quite active, We must keep the interest going as long as we possibly can


  3. Thanks for the post Ariya. A flower named after you – how nice. What a beautiful flower.

    I read the account on the first liver transplant in Sri Lanka that Sreemaha has alluded to. Very remarkable.



  4. Hi Colleagues, Without reference to ” our Ariya”, I think that this flower story is a hoax for several pics of different flowers with similar story lines have been circulating time and again for a couple of years. There are very few trees that live for 400 years to start with and the flower in pic also looks very much like a rare orchid.Sorry for being a spoil sport but I think that it is a ” hoax”.Keep well and safe and keep the pandemic in focus. Eddie.


  5. You are as usual a darling, dear Seelan
    Pushing modesty to touch, I shall give in
    Second half of name is ‘ratne’ means a gem
    Shall accept what comes, flowers or bricks thrown


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