5 thoughts on “Miracle”

  1. Thanks Narme,
    I saw this when you sent it to me the other day.
    Watching it second time also caused tears in my eyes.
    Good to rinse the eyes now & then.
    Like CJ, we are all getting very emotional.


  2. Thanks Narme and Sam for this post.There is a full length movie with the same young chap in it.I have viewed it before and it is an interesting aspect of poverty in India BUT with a good ending.!. Eddie.


  3. The movie is titled “lion”. its available on Netflix.. Worth watching it and the boy lives in Tasmania


  4. Thanks Narme and Sam for this post. What a tragic story . For a change it has a happy ending. A tear jerker alright.

    Piching and I have to see this movie ” Lion “. Thank you Selvi for pointing it out.



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