Bye bye miss American pie by Don McLean.

Hi Colleagues, Do you remember this song by Don McLean.? I do remember it well but never figured out the meaning until now.!! So, let me share it with you all.

Don Mclean was only a 13 year old paper boy when Buddy Holly and two other great singers of that time ( 1959) died in a plane crash.The young boy was devastated by the news and many years later he wrote the words of this great song full of meaning.Listen to the music, the words and the video and you will be taken on a ride through time from the great 50s to the America.This song has a lot of meaning and the America that we heard of and longed for in those days. Eddie.

Author: Eddie

Consultant Physician.

5 thoughts on “Bye bye miss American pie by Don McLean.”

  1. Thanks Eddie. Just listened to it again – I mean ‘really listened’.
    It left me with feelings I find hard to describe.
    Thank you so much for sharing.


  2. Thank you Seelan, Ana , CJ and Narme for your comments.Yes, it is a strange feeling as memories flit as we relive old times.Perhaps each of thise events coincided with an event in our lives.Many years from now a musician will write about this pandemic and we will say, we did come through it all.
    But as Ana says his grand children are singing and enjoying the song not knowing what McLaean was talking about.What, I gathered from this reawakening is that we go through life, not knowing what the greater picture of life elsewhere is,as we get bogged down in our own life and it’s problems.But above it all it is a nice catchy tune that is enjoyed all over the world.


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