I was too shy to know every one of the pretty girls in Batch’64! Can any one help this Doctor. I am sure he will appreciate it. If you post your comments , I will forward it to him.



8 thoughts on “Help”

  1. Dear Sam,
    Rio Fernando married a good friend & Bloemite A.H.De Silva. Unfortunately AH passed away few years ago. She is living in England – on the south side – Place called Ringwood. Her brother is Roy Fernando – also a Bloemite.
    Rio & AH have stayed with me in Sydney & I have stayed with them in Ringwood sometime back. I have not contacted Rio after AH passed away. I have a phone number & address but I am not sure whether we can publish in this post.
    Sam, let me know


      1. Seelan, I think that would be fine. CJ also sent an email to Rio forwarding the link to blog as well.
        We should not publish any private contact info on the blog. Thank you for helping. Sam


  2. Dear Sam
    I spoke to Rio just now and she recognised him from his name Dayananda. I gave her his email address and she promised to write to him today. Please convey the message to him please.
    Thank you. Praxy


  3. Thank you for your messages.It will be great if Rio can write to me or if Rio is happy to give me her e. mail address I am happy to write to her.Dr Seelan is welcome to ring me as well
    Thank you Praxy.


  4. Thank you so much.I heard from Rio.I am glad that I am associated with a great group of people
    We live in the Sunshine Coast in Australia and any one of you are welcome to visit us.Just let us know
    Special thanks to Sam,Praxy and Seelan


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