The philosophy of ageing.

Hi Colleagues, Some of you may have seen this before but for others it is a reminder of life in general.These are valuable insights from the book ,The sky gets darker.Take a minute to ponder and share.Eddie

Author: Eddie

Consultant Physician.

7 thoughts on “The philosophy of ageing.”

  1. Thanks Eddie for posting this.
    -Everything said is true.
    -Let us smile with positive mentality & enjoy the rest of our life.
    -Our mothers are not there to look after us & our kids and grand kids may or may not look after us. With this in mind I have prepared an area in our house – Wheel chair friendly (Nursing home style ) so that i wont be forced into a Nursing home !!!!


  2. Thanks Eddie.
    Seelan, can I book a bed in your nursing ‘area’ Ana, so, it was really you in the departure lounge. My eyesight is poor so couldn’t recognise you.
    Right now I am waiting to get through to my GP to report a bout of sudden onset giddiness. Who knows what I might hear from him.
    Good luck, good health and good wishes to all.


  3. we are in the departure lounge but you know take off times are frequently delayed, so continue keeping and doing things young at heart,


  4. Thanks Eddie. Very perceptive if a touch depressing!

    Trust things go OK with you. Are you or your wife still working?

    I am doing a little medico-legal work but have stopped ongoing patient care. I catch up with Roger Jansen, Selvie and Satha, Bathiya and, occasionally, Annesley Perera who is now in Adelaide.

    Regards. Keep in touch.




  5. Hi Justin, Glad to hear from you.Yes, ageing is part of our journey in life and we have to come to terms with it.Happy to know that you are still keeping busy with medico legal work.I stopped hospital work 10 years ago but after retirement continued with hospital locums both here and in Australia until about 3 years ago.Now, I spend my time reading , gardening and occasional cooking.Indra, has just given up her hospital work in Paediatrics but works three days in General practice.I seldom meet Timothy as he lives in Auckland and we are 300 kms away.Please convey my regards to all our batch mates when you meet them next.I think that SARS-CoV 2 is now here for keeps and as the young get back to their normal lives, we have to look after ourselves.So, keep well , keep safe.Warm regards to you and your family.Eddie.


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