5 thoughts on “Advice worth listening to.”

  1. Thank you, Ana, Seelan, CJ, Indragee, Nisantha, Narme for your comments.As doctors,we are all aware of life’s vicissitudes but often not think about ourselves and of getting old.The author of the book has explicitly identified and shared the important facets which I thought was worth sharing.
    Already, I am a day older since the post.!
    Ana,enjoy your golf, the departure lounges are closed, thanks to covid and cancelled international flights.! CJ do not worry,I am sure your GP will tell you that you are suffering from BPV.Seelan, you are following the Scouts motto, ” Be prepared “, but my wish for you is that you will not need a wheel chair.
    I think we all have to take a page out of Clint Eastwood’s life and live each day to the full, singing ,Don’t let the old man/ old woman in.!The song, says it all.
    My FIL had a super one liner for birthdays, ” A painful reminder of advancing age.”,!!
    While contemplating on life in general,if you count your blessings one by one ,the count will always be positive.Best wishes to all. Eddie.


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