8 thoughts on “Murali”

  1. Thanks Sam for publishing this great sporting news.
    What a maestro, what an achievement, all Sri Lankans must be jubilant as Murali has been a great servant of Sri Lanka and had been an influential cricketer for world cricket too. He set the target for others to follow. He also is great human being having led a hugely successful campaign in constructing new dwellings to so many poor families in the South when sea water destroyed and submerged houses of many poor people in southern belt, about two decades ago. Ariya


  2. he was denied recognition by the aussies as they could not stand him to be better than warne,there was much racism exhibitted by the australians whenever he played there,finally he has got his due, i wonder what black lives matter had to do with this?


  3. Thanks Sam for posting this item. Great to see Murali receiving the recognition he deserves for his services to Srilanka Cricket. No other bowler had been subjected to so much scrutiny about his action. His unorthodox action bamboozled so many top order batsmen around the world. Above all he is a great human being.


  4. Dear Sam
    Thanks 💐for this glowing report on Murali. He deserves this after all the bad publicity by the Aussies. It is nice that he is crowned the WORLD’s greatest wicket taker 😊


  5. Thanks CJ and Sam for posting this information. Finally Murali got the recognition he deserved. We Sri Lankans always knew that Murali was world class .

    I agree with some of the comments about the Aussies. I was speaking to a Sri Lankan friend of mine last week who, after having obtained a PR to go to Australia in1994 , how he was treated. He was a US citizen then. He had gone for several job interviews in a three piece suit. The Aussies were looking at him as if he was an alien . They never expected a dark skinned person to appear in a three piece suit. Despite his qualifications he obviously was not hired. He came back to the US and had a very successful carrier. Irony is that he is married to lovely Sri Lankan Burgher lady who is an Australian citizen.



  6. Thanks CJ for the posting.
    -Murali got the honors on his merit.
    -I dont think that BLM has anything to do with this as queried by Paul,
    -It is sad that Nisantha’s friend didnt get the job in Australia. It is fairly normal for a local applicant with
    appropriate qualification to be considered for the job ahead of a foreigner or new migrant in any country –
    Srilanka included.
    -Racism exists almost every where.
    -I think that Jealousy among players also played a part in Muali’s case .
    -Forgive me if my 2 cents worth is wrong


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