Alston Koch

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ALSTON KOCH in one of his rare performances in Sri Lanka at a fireside chat at The HILTON HOTEL organized by the advisor to both The President & Prime Minister of Sri Lanka Dinesh Weerakkody & this time for a very exclusive gathering of dignitaries from all over the world and an audience of over 1200 enthralled VIP’s including The Prime Minister, Her Worship The Mayor of Colombo Rosy Senanayake, Cabinet Ministers of the Govt. Of Sri Lanka, The special envoys of countries overseas and The Diplomatic Corps, Heads of the various religious institutions,and the cream of prominent high profile business men like Harry Jayawardene,Dhammika Perera, etc. Courtesy and thanks to the late Peter Allen and Australia.

8 thoughts on “Alston Koch”

  1. Thanks Narme for posting this patriotic song. Its a beautiful adaptation of the original song titled “I call Australia home” written & performed by Peter Allen in 1980 & much later qantas used for their ads as well


  2. Thanks Narme for sharing this clip.As Abey writes, the song is a translation of the Australian anthem to a call for all Sri Lankans to return home.?.Australia has many songs that stir the soul, another is “Sydney 2000”, which I like very much..Alston is a talented actor as well.He appeared in “According to Matthew ” as Matthew Peiris.!Alston has been promoting Sri Lanka for quite sometime although he calls, Australia his home.! In the clip, in the audience and in the front row are RW & RK, a reminder of passed missed opportunities.!l


  3. Thanks Narme.
    Nice to hear the modified version of the Late Peter Allen’s song sung by the talented Alston Koch. ( Any relationship to Prof Koch?)


  4. Dear Narme and Abey, Thanks for sharing Alston Koch’s song.. Brought tears to my eyes as usually happens when I listen to music about SL! I know it s Australian, but he makes it sound so SriLankan!


  5. Dear Narme,
    Thank you. Very nostalgic.
    Makes me wonder what the hell am I doing here in Durham.
    Thanks again,


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