History of Mercedes

While poor Ariya, is struggling with an old Morris Minor
This is for, 64 batch, well healed, every brother & sister 
Learn history of your precious Mercedes, made by Daimler
Yet don’t forget folks like me, tottering in a ‘side valve motor’

Shared By Ariya

6 thoughts on “History of Mercedes”

  1. Thanks Ariya for your historical account of the birth of 3 pointed star brand. I thought NICE in France is pronounced ‘NEESS’ and not ‘Nice’, correct me if I got it wrong !


  2. Interesting facts that I was not aware of. Poor Mercedes Jellinek what a tragic life after having born into a wealthy family. She brought good luck for her father , but not so lucky herself.

    Thanks Ariya for sharing this interesting story.



  3. Dear Abey, as you & Anoja saying, is good enough for me
    My French is unparliamentary & spelling isn’t in the picture
    As you observed the girl was a lucky talisman to her father
    Yet her life story had been a disaster followed by another


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