3 thoughts on “Colour”

  1. Thanks CJ.
    The teacher’s Psychology worked !!!! This method of teaching should be compulsory in all schools all over the world especially Kindergartens & primary schools


  2. Thanks, CJ,
    In the deepest recess in every living being
    Lies the concept of attachment to me & mine
    A disease manifest in every creature’s brain
    The germ ‘sense Self’ can be rid only by dying

    This attachment is not only limited to Colour of skin
    Though easily picked up does not fade away & lives in
    There is attachment to associates, as well to kith and kin
    Underlying reason being not strength but weakness within


  3. Thanks CJ! It’s an Educational video, very relevant at this time! I am going to send it to my daughters and grandchildren. Hope they learn something from it.
    Ana and Indira


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