8 thoughts on ““Good Bye””

  1. Thank you CJ and Sam, for the moving picture
    As grand parents, we feel & fathom the torture
    Devastation by Corona to oldies of good nature
    Can be described easily as man’s greatest disaster


  2. Dear CJ
    This is a fabulous picture. Even though I do not know any one personally who has succumbed to CV I admire this picture dedicated to all grand parents. On TV I have seen many older people who died alone without seeing their children or grand children . This painting is a great tribute. Praxy


  3. Thanks CJ. This painting is a great concept and the painter has brought out the theme clearly.The children look up and beyond through the glass.The painter has portrayed death,beyond the glass.The woman with the walker looks back with a longing for what she has left behind.This pandemic has ended the lives of many who were perhaps our age.! There will be a sudden void in the world of these people who would have been an important part in the lives of their grand children.Most importantly these children,will miss the love of grand parents which they once enjoyed. Eddie


  4. C.J,
    This is an AMAZING photo, that “Tells it all,in one swipe of paint”!!!. Thank you for sharing this. Very touching!!!.


  5. Thanks CJfor sharing. A very meaningful , relevant and contemporary painting. The lady turning back and not wanting to let go is touching. The children longing for grand parental love but separated by the great divide glass that will now only be a memory is sad.
    Thank you so much CJ


  6. Thanks CJ.
    Very sad but very well thought of & meaningful painting.
    Thank God – So far we have escaped & beginning to see the Grand kids


  7. Thanks CJ for posting this wonderful painting. ” A picture is worth a thousand words ” , This painting conveys the essence of the tragedies ,sadness , sorrow ,devastation of the afflicted families more than words could convey.

    Looking at the painting and contemplating on what the artist wanted to convey was so striking it brought lot of sadness in me. So powerful yet so sad.



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