5 thoughts on “Srilankan Unity”

  1. Dear Seelan,
    Thank you very much. What a wonderful clip.
    Things that needed to be said, needed to be heard and to be acted upon.


  2. “Srilanka deserves better. Need to work on Healing, Repair & Transformation ( Reconciliation ) – A fantastic speech by Prashan De Visser (Presedent, Srilanka Unites) at the Lakshman Kadirgamer Institute “. Even though its a bit long its worth listening to whole valuable speech


  3. Thank you Seelan for your post,shared by Sam.There were a number of clips from Prashan’s very insightful speech to a Zoom discussion by Prashan and four others from all our communities followed by a variety of clips about Covid 19 to an interview in Tamil of ” Jaffna boy”.An interesting collection indeed.!!
    Returning to Prashan De Visser’s speech.This chap is equally fluent both in English and Sinhala and he has clarity of thought.We wish him well as we need more people like him for our home. I have heard this speech before and it is refreshing to listen to him again while the world focuses on USA.In his words, “I am my brother’s keeper” is a good place to start.It is heartening to know that there are young men like Prashan who are willing to speak their mind out on a topic where many fear to tread.
    Zoom ing has caught on.Covid 19 has brought about a new species called, Zoombies.!! Eddie.


  4. Quite inspirational ! I listened to his TEDx speech as well. What he says makes absolute sense. Hope the extremist oldies stay away and encourage youth to bring about harmony to our motherland.


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