The life pressed out – George Floyd was killed on May 25th | Obituary | The Economist

The unarmed black man whose death has convulsed America was 46
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The Economist regularly publishes obituaries on people who make a difference throughout the world.This week it is the obituary of George Floyd titled ” The life pressed out “.It made it to the Economist because of the racial tension in USA.!!?Take away the racism, and still it is a sad story of someone who could have made a difference playing basket ball as he had the height at 6.3 ft, but fate changed his life many times and finally the crush of unemployment due to Covid 19 and then the fatal packet of cigarettes.I feel sad, terribly sad as we keep on living our lives oblivious to the lives of others in penury..Take a moment to read this well written obituary and reflect on it’s content.Eddie.

Author: Eddie

Consultant Physician.

8 thoughts on “The life pressed out – George Floyd was killed on May 25th | Obituary | The Economist”

  1. Thanks Eddie.
    Do we have to Register & sign up with “The Economist” to read the entire obituary?
    From what I read – he was a nice guy – sad story – unnecessary death!


    1. Hi Seelan, Obituaries are usually free.I thought that the link I provided would take you to the obituary.Try signing in, you do not have to pay. I subscribe to the economist.If you cannot access it, let me know and I will try and print it and then post it. It is worth reading. Eddie.


      1. Dear Eddie,
        Yes its a very sad story and especially when I recall the footage they showed on TV here… more so when a man is reformed and is able to make a contribution to society. When I heard that the $20 was not even fake note it made me feel sad the most as it was a life taken away unnecessarily.All we can do is to pray and hope that this sort of thing will not happen again.


  2. Thank you Eddie for the Post .
    I am a bit late for the party– as I was quite affected by all this Racism going on in the world.
    I was virtually, ‘re- visiting a time when me and my very young family was a victim of this , when I first arrived in London – July 1972 .
    Well, now I am on a Good Road, here in Canada and so are my children-
    Not that we dont have Racial Bias here in Canada,- It is Alive and Well – here too , sometimes violent, some times not, but it is HERE too

    It is EVERYWHERE .– One only has to look around the globe with Open Eyes and Ears .
    We can only hope that this Global Protests for Social Justice , amidst a Global Pandemic of Covid- 19 will go long , long way, to ease the situation of a Global Pandemic of Racial Bias …

    Long Live George Floyd …



    1. Thank you all for your thoughts on the obituary post.I focussed on the life of this unfortunate man who could have had a better life instead the tide of poverty took over and ended his life.It is not that racism is any less important.We do not have to look any further than our home too.I cannot understand it and I feel that those who dwell on it are in some way afraid of the community that is harassed.I only hope that there will come a time when the quality of the person will only matter and racism will be delegated to the dustbin of history. Maybe, I am hoping too much, but this is a wake up call for all to reflect on our experiences and see what can be done collectively.A pipe dream.!!!.


  3. Everyone is feeling sad & wondering how to eliminate Racism. May be impossible but must try hard to respect each other – all over the world including SriLanka


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