6 thoughts on “AI”

  1. Thanks Sam for sharing this amazing piece of evolving technology, mixed reality hologram, neural text and neural TTS with AI and what a result.As she says, this technology is here.It will not be long before we should all have the opportunity to use this and I hope it will be in our lifetime.. Remember when we had brick size mobile phones and now we have small mobiles capable of instant connection with family and friends whether it be, Viber, WhatsApp, Zoom or even email.Very few write letters anymore..The next step is going to be more interesting indeed with mixed reality holograms with instant access to any language.
    What this means is that we no longer need to learn a new language because we will be able to communicate with anyone anywhere in their own language.I hope that the world will be a better place as in Louis Armstrong’s ……, “What a wonderful world “.


  2. Thanks Sam – Amazing technology – I understand that a 3D image is created by splitting laser beams using a special lens ( mirrors & prisms).
    I think that holograms are used in Credit Cards – almost impossible to copy!! – Hope so !!


  3. Thanks Sam for taking me to an amazing world
    Technology is advancing fast, I worry for mankind
    Date cannot be too far robots taking over our world
    Fear is robots may surpass man in every way indeed


  4. AI is good for certain applications. If AI takes over and if humans depend solely on AI ( artificial intelligence) it will be the end of the human race. It is scary.



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