11 thoughts on “Best Wishes to MLD!

  1. My dear Lucky,
    To the lucky guy who is so named, it is a pleasure to send greetings
    On his birthday, wishing joy, peace contentment and a future fabulous
    May you have excellent health, a long serene life filled with happiness
    Thanks for being the smiling face of the batch, inspiring all your mates


  2. Dear MLD,
    Wish you a very happy birthday.
    Hope you and the family are all keeping well.
    With best wishes,


  3. Dear MLD
    Wish you many happy returns of the day and may you be blessed with health peace and longevity in all the years to come.
    Praxy and Ranjit


  4. Hello Lucky,
    You are my fellow Anandian/Class Mate, Batch Mate, Sat next to each other through-out Med School, Sig & Ward Class Mate, Family Relation, & we got married to two women who has very alike names, & who shares the same allergies as me, more than anything my DEAR FRIEND!!!. Have a very happy Birthday & many more Happy Birthdays to come. Will call you ,to compare “Notes” ,soon.


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