6 thoughts on “SriLankan Voice”

  1. Thanks Seelan for sharing this video. True I did not understand the meaning and the lyrics of the song. Picked up a few words here and there , but not enough to to convey the story behind the beautiful song.

    The good looking young man has a very beautiful voice. Enjoyed listening to it. He certainly will go a long way. Good luck to him.



  2. Thanks Seelan.
    I think you can make a good job even better by posting the meaning of his song as an English translation.


  3. Thanks Seelan for sharing this clip.The comments of the judges are interesting,One said that she likes the sound of the spoken word in Tamil, another wanted to sing a duet in Tamil and Sinhala.! His singing and his voice was recognised as exceptional by all.The young man has a great future, as everyone was appreciative of his good looks too.Good luck to him. Eddie.


  4. Dear CJ, Its hard to translate. However I will try – in broken English.I got a Karaoke version -link attached below.:-

    The song is a movie song & it is a LOVE SONG.
    Very Rough translation:-
    -Because of you my heart is alive everyday
    -without saying it loud your love/kindness is getting into my breath.
    -feel like lying on your lap & dying
    -Even if it is dawn & the darkness has passed, feel like lying on your lap &continue to have nice
    -You must share your endless look
    -I want your nice smell on me always.
    -Whatever the distance our love goes, we will follow.
    -More you look at me – more our love grows.
    -Thousand wishes are in my chest. To talk about it – you need a life time
    -7 life times I want to live with you.
    -World/time might end but will our love end?
    – More you look – love is increasing

    Looks like Real love !!!!!!!!!! – CJ can sing it now – Its similar to your Hindi songs


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