4 thoughts on “Who are you?”

  1. I knew that there is nothing called a pure race.According to history and evolution we all started from one source in Africa about 55,000 years ago. Therefore how can there be a pure race.I would like to get my DNA analyzed too to see my genetic background. I am sure I would be a mixture of different ethnic groups.
    Thanks CJ for posting this video. It is a wake up call for some of us who think they are from one ethnic group and pure.



  2. Dear CJ
    This is a fantastic video and an eye 👁👁opener for some highly opinionated people who like to think that their race is the best. ( I do not mean anyone from our race or Nationality ) It is lovely to know that we are all related in some way another and we should treat everyone as if they were our relation . Thank you CJ.🙏💐


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