Rocket Man!

 Example of one man’s courage and great engineering

If the Federal Govt. tried to do this how long and how much money would it take?

Shared by Sam

2 thoughts on “Rocket Man!”

  1. Thanks Sam for this inspiring story.The moral of the story is to try and try again.There is a similar story circulating about a Sri lankan by the name of Yoshitha Rajakarunanayake and his brilliant mind when he was in Princeton with Jeff Bezos.Great minds and humble beginings make good stories.!


  2. Thanks for posting this video Sam. I knew that Elon Musk is a bright, enterprising , guy looking into the future. Space travel , establishing colonies on Mars , starting Tesla and so on. When Teslas came into the market all the other car manufacturers woke up to produce electric Automobiles.I learnt more about Elon by seeing the video. Now I know how he made his money.



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